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ONLINE ROUND TABLE “Contribution of youth towards the implementation of SDG's”

This Friday, starting from 1 pm, YMCA in partnership with UN Kosovo Team has organized the second event of our series to celebrate #UN75 anniversary, called “Contribution of youth towards the implementation of SDGs”. The main focus will be on youth stakeholders and beneficiaries.

If you want to participate in the conversation live and ask questions, please join us through this link:


#UN75 #YMCA #Kosovo

Panel Moderator

Mr. Besnik Leka

Experienced over the 15 years in Nonprofit Organizations, Youth Development, Gender Justice, Diversity, and Inclusion, with a higher focus on Men and masculinity.
In addition, part of his work includes 
fighting interpersonal and gender-based violence by improving gender equality.

Has a master degree in Sociology at the University of Prishtina and Professional Certificate on Women’s and gender studies at Dartmouth College. Leka has served as a steering committee member of MenEngage Europe and board member of Kosovo women’s network.

Panel speakers


Ms. Jana Minochkina - Youth, Peace & Security Program Coordinator, UNMIK

Ms.Iana Minochkina is the Youth Advisor and Youth Coordinator of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) Peace and Security Program. She is the founder of the United Nations Annual Assembly for Youth, and mentor of the multiethnic Kosovo youth peacebuilding group "United Youth Task Force".


Iana is an avid youth advocate and youth trainer who has worked with civil society and international organizations on youth empowerment and meditation, conflict transformation, and the fight against hate speech in Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, Ukraine and its hometown in Russia. For 9 years she lives and works in the Balkans and proudly calls herself a Balkan soul. 

Mrs. Abetare Gojani - Executive Director, IPKO Foundation

Mrs. Abetare Gojani, has over nine years of work experience in empowering youth, promoting social tech activities and volunteerism. She worked as a Head of Client Relations Assistant at “Ogilvy Kosovo & Albania” from May 2009- August 2010.

She joined IPKO Foundation in November 2010 and was part of the success stories of all the activities of the Foundation since then. At IPKO Foundation, Abetare is responsible for supporting the overall success of Foundation’ programs in cooperation with staff, for ensuring that the portfolio of programs, subject matter areas, and internal teams demonstrate the innovation and quality necessary to contribute to the achievement of IF’ mission and the sustainability of the organization. She is primarily responsible for managing the strategic plan; provision of a strategic vision for the design of new IF initiatives; ensuring IP activities meet quality, impact and budget goals; participation in the organizational Management Team; representation of IF in external forums

Mr. Berat Thaqi - Executive Director, Bethany Christian Service

Mr. Berat Thaqi is known for volunteer work throughout his life, he counts more than 17 years of work experience in the youth sector. He has worked as a program officer at Dorcas Aid International, Solidarites - IGP - Program, American Refugee Comity.


Recently, he holds the position of Executive Director of Bethany Christian Service. Through this position, he has had the opportunity to provide educational and social services to children in the community. Committed to ending poverty in Kosovo, and raising youth awareness of participation in decision-making processes.

Mr. Jovan Zivkovic - Executive Director, “SMAART” Youth Center

Mr. Jovan Zivkovic has graduated at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) with a major concentration in Public Policy & Multimedia and a minor concentration in International Relations.


He is a Founder and Executive Director of the “SMAART” Youth Center. Decision-Making coordinator at United Youth Task Force (UYTF)

Mr. Visar Haxhifazliu - Executive Director, NGO THY

Visar Haxhifazliu is attending his master’s studies in Management while working as a Country Coordinator in an Italian Non-Governmental Organization, IPSIA. During this period he is voluntarily engaged in NGO THY as an Executive Director, managing and implementing several Erasmus+ Programme funded projects. Through the years, he has been very active in volunteering in world-wide youth networks, such as ESTIEM, AEGEE, and many more in the local level, enriching with different cultural and diverse experiences.


He has attended the University Course on “Leadership and Development Community Youth Work”, while after attending the World Peace Summit 2014 in South Korea, he has been awarded the Plaque of Appreciation as a Peace Leader representing NGO sector in Kosovo.

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