Charity Shop Assistant (Part Time)


Deadline 09.03.2021

Charity Shop Assistant (Part Time) 


Deadline 09.03.2021

Call for External Evaluator 


In the context of the YMCA Germany Project "Save Space for Young People" YMCA MOVEMENT- YMCA LEVIZJE as the implementing organization is launching a
Notice of invitation for an external evaluator to produce a project evaluation.


Those interested should send their details to no later than March 09.03.2021


Të jemi një lëvizje gjithëpërfshirëse ku njerzit zhvillohen në mendje, trup dhe shpirt. 


To be an inclusive movement where people grow in mind, body and spirit.

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National Office

St. Qamil Hoxha, Entry. 13,

Prishtina, 10 000.

Tel: 045474699

Peja Y

Str. Ded Krasniqi- Qendra Rinore Dardania, Peje, 30 000.

Tel: 045 474 453

YMCA Shop Gjakova

Str. Skenderbeu,

Gjakova, 50 000, 

Tel: 045 474 426

Junik Y

Str. Junik, Junik Municipality,

51 050, 

Tel: 045 474 437

Online Shop

Gjakova Y

Str. Ismail Qemali p.n,

Gjakova, 50 000, 

Tel: 045 474 423 

Aid & Storage Centre

Str. Tirana p.n, Gjakova,
50 000.

Rahovec Y 

Str.Rrethi i Qedres, Rahovec, 

Camp Pjetershan

Str. Lugu i mire, Village Pjetershan, Gjakova, 50 000, 

Decan Y

Municipality Building, Decan

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