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 "Charity Shop for youth employment and environment protection"

Project no. 2020/419-468



This project aims to establish the Charity Shops concept in Kosovo as a tool for youth employment and environment protection. Therefore, contributing towards building capacities of youth and people with special needs by employing them through social enterprises. The purpose of this project is to contribute to the creation of recycling culture and the SDG13 goals.

Through this project we aim to register one social enterprise as its own entity and open 2 new charity shops 1 in the municipality of Prishtina/Pristina and 1 in the municipality of Gjakova/Đakovica. 8 young people and people with disabilities will be employed through this project. We will also place 4 clothes donation containers 2 in the Municipality of Prishtina/Pristina and 2 in the Municipality of Gjakova/Đakovica, to serve as points for the community to recycle their clothes instead of throwing them away. We are working with the respected departments in each municipality for this.

In the second year we will train 40 young volunteers through an 8-week training program on volunteerism, advocacy, recycling and environment protection. These young people will become “Green Heroes” and help advocate and share through campaigns and media about the green agenda and environment action/awareness.

 The project "Charity shop for youth employment and environment protection" is implemented by YMCA MOVEMENT and funded by European Union Kosovo.




Prishtina Shop

Str. UÇK no.139,

Prishtina, 10,000


Gjakova Shop

Dëshmorët e Lirise n.o, Gjakova, 50 000


 We are very happy to share with you our video campaign in which we show different ways of recycling textile products, There are significant environment issues created by textile pollution and in order to prevent them we have showed 3 ways in how you can start to contribute to textile waste reduction

1. You can upcycle your clothes

2. Donate them in YMCA clothes containers or at your local YMCA Shop

3. You can give them to your siblings or cousins to wear These 3 options all help increase the lifetime of all textile products.

The second campaign was the Paper Bag campaign: Re THINK. We have produced a video and posters showing statistics of plastic bag pollution and how they affect the environment, the number of plastic bags a person uses per year and other statistics to inform our community of the  harm we are causing to the environment. 


The Campaigns were made in multiple languages.


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