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A centre for non-formal education for young people.

Our Camp is located in a Pjetershan village on the way to the border with Albania and near the Moglica mountain.


Pjetershan village has a population of over 500 people with locals owning farms and working in agriculture. Pjetershan is part of the municipality of Gjakova.


Based on the organisations "One Y-One Way" strategy 2020-2024, find below the camps that are scheduled to take place.

  • Camps for training young people for the labor market;

  • Camps for environment protection and renewable energy;

  • Camps for arts, crafts, dance, and drama;

  • Camp for leadership and volunteers;

  • Camps for professional training in the food industry;

  • Camps for business development;

  • Camps for the promotion of regional tourism;

  • Camps about gender equality, human rights, and activism, 

  • Plus much more

Who is Camp Pjetershan for?

  1. The YMCA will run its own camps based on core programme themes, any young person from Kosovo can apply and YMCA members will get an extra discount. These camps will include arts, leadership, mental health, sports and gender themes.

  2. Schools & Municipalities. If your institution wants to book a day camp or a weekend camp you can do that at Camp Pjetershan. You will have your own meeting spaces for your agenda but the YMCA can help you with activities to make your camp extra special.

  3. NGOs or Training. If your organisation or company wants to book the camp for your own activities and training it can. The YMCA team can also be booked for extra activities during your time with us and we are flexible to ensure your needs are met. 

  4. International Training. If you are looking for a venue to host international guests or learners, Camp Pjetershan is the place for you! Our team speaks English and due to our membership with the World YMCA we are able to offer your team a unique experience taking advantage of our spaces and activities. 

  5. Working Groups/Staff teams. Want to hold a big conference or a strategic planning weekend- both can be done at Camp Pjetershan! This can be a multi night stay or a one day event, perfect venue for your participants to switch off work and bond. 


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Pjetershan Village is based on the Westside of Kosovo and its local church is know for its increadable Christmas lights


Young people from YMCAs across Kosovo broke

the ground to start building in 2018


Camp Pjetershan is due to open next year to the public. The camp includes 

  • Two Accomodation Blocks (Capacity 50)

  • Additional Bedrooms for group leaders/small groups

  • An Ampitheatre

  • Camp Fire

  • Field for games and actvities

  • All weather sports pitch 

  • Assembly Hall

  • Two Indoor Training Spaces

  • Green Area (with activities) for Environmental learning

  • Dining Hall

  • Car Park

There is also many activities for groups to do during their time in the camp for indoor and outdoor schedules.


Camp Pjetershan resembles the shape of a Y from the air


Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sport 

Ministry of Regional Development

Municipality of Gjakova

Y's Men Region Denmark 

Y's Men ​Clubs across Denmark

YMCA Finland


IPKO Foundation

KCSF- Kosovo Civil Soceity Foundation

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